Reviews: The Descendants

Really good stuff

If you like either the golden or the bronze age of comics, you'll like it, period. It's not maybe weird enough for silver age fans, but if you are one there's a very good chance you'll like it too.

For people not liking comics... eh, it *is* a comic book. Whitout the pictures, but it really is a comic. Oh, wait, there's some fantasy stories hosted on the same site as well, go have a look, I liked those too and I'm quite fed up with fantasy myself.

What, you wanted to actually read a review? It's good reading, so go read it.

The author writes really well (could do with an editor however, there's typos here and there), has come up with interesting and quite rounded characters, and comes up with good plots. He's not much into twists, but the couple he pulled so far were really good. He can write convincing super brawls and convincing Heroes Gone Fishing moments. The setting is good, very ideal (but see golden age above) but well thought out. There has been no power creep so far, and the few New Powers As The Plot Demands moments did actually seem totally justified. A couple were clearly Character Development, and one was even a reveal.

You're in for a serious Archive Binge if you start now, but you can try some of the shorter sub-series to see if you like it. Everything is updated frequently and at regular intervals. Which is quite surprising in itself.

They had a forum, but it got wiped or something. They have put up a new (quite empty at the moment) one, it includes an "ask the author" section.