Reviews: The Clique

Selective Memory

A lot of pages on this wiki mention that the Clique is 'deader than disco' or somehow viewed poorly now due to the over abundance of social justice bloggers today, but so far it's really not. Much like some other cultural touchstones like Twilight and even internet stuff like certain fanworks, it's far too soon to discern the cultural impact of any of this and more over it seems oddly one-sided. One gets the impression certain people have an issue with the characters more than they do with the content—and the overcompensatory vitriol bears this out. The internet is not, I think, the place to have a realistic discussion about these topics because, remember, there was a week where Kony 2012 was "important".

As for the books themselves, they're effectively harmless pulpy stuff, soap opera-y Dallas-style drama but with a younger age demo than most. While perhaps not for everyone, due to, as I said, some people having far too much baggage to deal with the otherwise harmless material, they're funny in their own way and not meant to be taken so literally. And frankly, its almost a fantasy novel, a symbol more of what little girls want (and still want, regardless of what bullying hysteria tells you) more than an attempt at realistically deconstructing the material. I mean really one of the central character's is a twelve year old girl with implants, its absurd. Even then her boob job is played for laughs. The closest comparison I could come to is something like First Wive Club Babies ("...we'll make our dreams come true!") than any seriously disturbing material. There is plenty of room in the world for pulpy soap operas. Hell, both Sweet Valley High and Dallas has nostalgic relaunches, would it surprise you if fans of the Clique brought their favorite series back someday?


The Clique is a typical teen school series told from the Libby's point of view.

Now, this could be an interesting premise, showing how they got to be so catty, but this series embraces their horribleness and expects us to do the same!

It's stupid, self-absorbed, and has the least-likable main characters since Mein Kampf.