Reviews: Sailor Nothing

Not perfect, but still very good

I'll warn you, this story is not for everyone. It's a very dark, deconstructive take on the Magical Girl genre. Despite this, it has a very strong plot, well-constructed characters, and straightforward, easy-to-read writing.

Despite deconstructing the genre, it still plays numerous tropes as straight as possible in doing so. Despite the prevalent nightmare fuel and dark tone, the genre itself remains intact throughout the whole story, and I think this one of it's main strengths. In the same way an Affectionate Parody skewers its source in a respectful way, this story deconstructs the genre with the utmost deference. The dark tone only enhances the plot and setting, rather than letting the act of deconstruction impede the story, as so many other deconstructions do.

It is not without its flaws. The plot is fairly straightforward but can take some frivolous turns. The chapter told via RPG Maker breaks immersion, both because of visual glitches and the Art Shift. There are also periodic typos, though nothing too bad.

Overall, anyone who has ever desired a little more depth from the Magical Girl genre and who doesn't mind some unsettling occurrences should not pass this story up. Anyone who wants a gripping plot with intriguing characters should not pass it up. It's as good as any published novels I've read, and regardless of its interpretation of the genre and its trappings it managed to suck me in.