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Hilarious. But scary.
Laugh, cry, live, die... This book has it all. There is a comedy, a tragedy, an apology, real characters, crazy people, evil, good, crazy people... A person willing to sit through the awkward beginning will cry at the end, as everything good in the world dies. This book starts out with a jolt; it began as a high-school project, and some parts could have stood some editing, but everyone was already impatient so that might be excused. Then the middle, where mysteries are solved and a grand comedy is carried out, a new challenger approaches, and is fought in an action sequence that if made into film would put the greatest moments in cinemas to shame, and there is peace until the apocalypse. The apocalypse comes as the heavens open to allow in a destructive force that launches an unstoppable devastation upon the Earth, destroying heroes and civilians alike, and rains fire down into a realm of new-found darkness, until a new power defies destiny and strikes back, and the curtain finally closes on a jaded and cynical reality. - My only dispute with this book is the fact that Nuklear Man really should have used a Captain Falcon-shaming PLAZMA PUNCH at some point. It would have been cool! Plazma Eye-Beams just aren't the same.
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