Reviews: Masks Of Aygrima

Flawed but well written and enjoyable

I really enjoy this trilogy. It's set in an interesting world, with a plot that keeps itself interesting, and a main character with a unique and interesting internal struggle.

The Good: The writing style is pretty good and it accentuates the main character's thoughts. The main character is likeable and has an interesting internal struggle (specifically trying not to go insane due to her powers), the world is interesting and well thought out, especially when it comes to magic.

The Bad: The plot can be somewhat predictable especially if you've read other young adult books like The Hunger Games. The huge amount of focus on main character takes away from the secondary characters who fall Out of Focus a lot despite having interesting personalities and goals. The focus on the main character's desire for romance comes off as tacked on and not well thought out and leads to an extremely creepy and somewhat random moment in the second book involving the character Chell. The books are very dark to the point of being somewhat obnoxious.

The book as some big flaws but it's still a compelling story with an engaging plot and main character, I would recommend it to any young adult readers.