Reviews: Maradonia Saga

Reading this was akin to having my scrotum flayed by a bear infected with scabies

This is the absolute worst work of printed literary fiction that has ever existed in human history

It is to fiction what the works of Coleman Frances are to film, what ET is to videogames, what SWAP.AVI is to porn

Only somehow worse, as unlike the creators of the above, the writer is such a narcisistic and spitefully petty little cow to any who dislike or are ignorant of her works (pretty much the whole of humanity), which removes any pity that one may have for her.

I had the misfortune of getting the first book from a roomate who got it free during his holiday in the US. I half suspect it to have been the only copy of the book in this United Kingdom. It took me two weeks and several gallons of grain alcohol to finish, and by the end I just wanted to track down everyone involved with the creation of this abomination and beat them into a bloody paste using my own femur.

In brief, it gets EVERYTHING wrong, and nightmarishly wrong to boot.

The Main Characters are 1 dimensional author inserts/power fantasy to a degree that would make Stephanie Meyer puke, and who embody every detestable Mary Sue cliche

The Secondary characters are beyond worthless and incompetently written either as pathetically written cliches, or as soul crushingly repetitive (and occasionally racist) stereotypes

The Story is an appalling mess of ripped off ideas, none of which even begin to come together and create even an impression of an intelligent plot, and reads like a hideously exaggerated troll fic, but without ANY hilarity, intentional or otherwise.

Even the damn formatting makes one want to kill puppies, and is obviously used to pad out the book to make it even more annoying to read

And that's BEFORE i get into the number of basic errors this abortion contains

Avoid this book like you would a rabid dog smothered with sewage and mounted with a flamethrower. Its sole use aside from clubbing it's excessively irritating author to death with, would be either as fuel or to give to someone as a particularly nasty revenge as a literary form of AI Ds.

If you MUST look further you are an utter idiot, but I advise you to find a competent sporking to do so

So Bad It's Good, yes... but also sad.

Before starting, I must recognize I haven't readen the books (and don't plan it) and that all I know of them come from the sporks and heavy flak they've received.

I knew of the saga thanks to TV Tropes, being listed under the literature entry of So Bad Its Good. Since narmy stuff attracts me, decided to see why it was considered so. At first, found two things: sporks, thanks to which I know there're more than justified reasons to consider this books -to say it shortly and softly- a waste of paper, and the vanity of the author. Digging deeper on the net, found more related stuff that would be hilarious (as well as the lots of money they must have spent self-publishing those books and those -no less So Bad Its Good- related stuff) until when one thinks on how GT is being used by her parents (unless she does not exist and this is nothing but a huge exercise of viral marketing, something that seems to be quite possible.)

I feel pity for her when she leaves the bubble constructed around her by her parents and discovers how hard it's the real world and that nobody gives a damn about someone whose ego has the size of an aerostatic balloon and her works (ie: no real publishing, no movie, no theme park, nothing).

(PS: seeing how this page is blocked, surely 'cause her attempts to re-write it at her will, please excuse me if I bring her here again. Just wanted to share my thoughts about one of the weirdest things I've ever found on the net.)