Reviews: I Want My Hat Back

Where is my hat?

I will admit that this is my first book I have read by Jon Klassen and I was quite impressed and shocked with how this book had turned out at the end.

The story is about a bear who is trying to find his hat and he asks all the animals in the forest if they had seen his hat. Just as it seems that Bear would never find his hat, he suddenly remembers where his hat is and he immediately searches out the culprit who stole his hat!

Jon Klassen did a fantastic job at making a dark twist for this children's classic as the ending came out of nowhere for me and I was quite impressed with how the ending turn out!

"I Want My Hat Back is a truly fantastic treat for anyone who loves a good dark and twisted children's book! I would recommend this book to children's ages seven and up since the ending might be a bit too brutal for smaller children.

*****5 stars!*****