Reviews: House Of Leaves

Creepy Awesome in book form

When I picked it up, I was fully expecting something like It or The Blair Witch Project that goes right out and thrusts the horror in you face. I was dead wrong in the worst way possible. If someone could make a book that's the epitome of Sanity Slippage done right and crossed it with Nothing Is Scarier in a very literal sense, it would be this book. Its creepy but not overdone, and was a nice satire of over-analyzing media. I especially liked the over the top parody of how quotes in foreign languages are often inserted without explanation or translation. I'd recommend it if you have enough time on your hands.

Tv Tropes, I am disappointed...

I'm surprised and a little disappointed that there isn't a single review for this excellent book, especially on the site that introduced it and convinced me to read it. Anyway, this is really good book. It has an interesting duality to it, alternately portraying Johnny's mostly crappy life which gets worse as he goes deeper and deeper into Zampano's notes and Navidson's somewhat optimistic move into a new house, which spirals downwards as he investigates the house. The odd page layouts later in the book are interesting and reflect the book's action in a very unique way. The book is well written. In fact, I found myself genuinely caring about the characters after a while. The books reads like a satire of literary analysis and academic snobbery, parodying the ridiculous amount of detail some papers devote to analyzing a small aspect of a film or book. Even though it can cost $20 for a new copy of the full-color edition, I would recommend that you get that one, as it gives you everything. I can't say it enough. This is a great book and though there are a few somewhat boring sections, they don't last too long and if you can get through them, the book becomes better after-wards.