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Not Perfect, But It Has Its Charm
Halo: Evolutions, as the main article mentioned, was written by several authors. This includes some Halo veterans, like Eric Nylund (Fall of Reach, First Strike, Ghosts of Onyx), and some newcomers, like Karen Traviss, and even some who worked on the games, like Kevin Grace and Frank O'Conner. This means that the quality of the stories might differ a bit from each other.

One major problem I should get out of the way is that these stories are fraught with continuity errors. Some are blink and you miss, others can be a bit more frustrating in their obviousness.

Also, it's a bit obvious that a few of these writers are either new to writing (in this manner) or Halo might be a bit out of their medium. Narm is rampant as one result of this.

However, this shouldn't detract you from getting it. Buckell's story, like his previous Halo work, is a nice bit of Narm Charm, and is honestly quite moving in some moments. Nylund's story is, in a word, epic. Mona Lisa is a nice bit of High Octane Nightmare Fuel, as is Stomping On the Heels of a Fuss. Human Weakness, Midlothian, and especially The Return are excellent. Definitely worth the money, especially if you like the other Halo books.
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