Reviews: Grave Peril

The Uncontrollable Spiral Begins

This book is the one where Harry's world begins to seriously take off and thrust him into events way beyond his control. A lot of new elements are introduced, the Vampire Courts, the Knights of the Cross, ghosts, half-vampires, and Harry's fairy godmother, to name a few. Michael is a good character, but I really wish we'd get some clarification on his relationship with Harry. If they've known each other for five years, where was he during the first two books? It probably doesn't matter, but it still bugs me. Anyways, Murphy finally drops the Conflict Ball, and no one ever complained about this. The mystery behind the book is actually pretty interesting, with two plot threads that seem completely unconnected coming together to form a really strong foundation. This book also starts tying the Crowning Moment of Awesome with the Crowning Moment of Funny, to great effect. Just read over the final battle, and I promise, you'll be on the floor after you picture what Harry's wearing. The Vampire War is also pretty interesting, and a surprising amount of important characters are introduced in the Vampire Ball scene. This one is probably the most even of the early Dresden Files, but once you're done, get ready for the series to really find its footing.