Reviews: Divine Secrets Of The Ya Ya Sisterhood

Sick through and through .

There are things you can't simply forgive.

What Vivi did, it doesn't matter how "hip" and "nice" she was when a teenager, what problems she might have or any Freudian Excuse you want to pile.

What she did was unforgivable and shouldn't treated in this fucking way. Fuck the scrap book, fuck the memories and all that non-sense about Friendship and loyalty: If you wanna know what it means see My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic and not this garbage.

For what the second book imply, Vivi deserve a life sentence, not some montage and "cry forgive". She should be beated to death with the damn book. She is, quite simply, a Complete Monster and I mean the as a disgusting, unforgivable human being, not the new meaning.

It offends me the way it is treated, the fact that the friends decided to "playful" drug (a felony) and kidnapp (first degree crime)

I mean, what is wrong with the Author in using such a character and decided to end with both of them crying as a good pals?. What is wrong with Siddalee (beside the author skewed morals) that decided to not only forgive, but become "pals" with that monster after what she did to her and her family?

I cried. I cried of rage and disgust at this piece of crap.