Reviews: Dinotopia

A New Take On Dinosaurs

Dinotopia was a big part of my childhood. I loved the books, so much so that I borrowed aspects of Dinotopia's world for a class project (create your own civilization). In any case, the books were fun adventures and I loved how the dinosaurs and humans lived together in a fully realized world.

The television movie only made me love Gurney's world more. I enjoyed the movie because it brought Dinotopia to life in a new and easily accessible way. Plus the dinosaurs and the sets were spectacular to look at. True, the dinosaurs weren't Jurassic Park caliber but they looked very good for a television film.

I never saw the television series that followed the film, so I cannot remark on that. However I think the movie is a great addition to the Dinotopia world, even if it changes some of the aspects of the world seen in the books. Think of the movie as a different adaptation of the Dinotopia world, or even an alternate version of things. In any case, it is a good movie with good actors, excellent dinosaurs, and beautiful set work.