Reviews: Bunnicula

2016 TV Show Review: Delightfully Weird Fun

Back when I was in elementary school, I read some of the Bunnicula books and found them quite fun. So when I heard Cartoon Network was making a TV show of it, I was indeed curious. Of course, just from seeing the preview I knew it wasn't gonna be exactly like the book, but after watching the first four episodes, that's not entirely a bad thing. Basically, take the surreal, supernatural humor of Gravity Falls and mix it with the premise and animation of Wabbit and you got this show in a nutshell.

  • Pros:
    • Despite being an undead vampire, Bunnicula is downright huggable and adorable. He's basically this show's equivalent to Stitch.
    • The animation is surprisingly fluid.
    • The humor is quite good and bound to get a few laughs from you.
    • The characters in general are very likeable and not mean-spirited jerks.

  • Cons:
    • Chester's Butt Monkey treatment can get a little too cruel at times. He's basically this show's Squidward Tentacles.
    • Likewise, Bunnicula's antics, while humorous, can border on Designated Hero territory. Granted, he's usually the one to set things right, but still, he kinda comes off as a troublemaker.
    • Harold's Flanderization. In the books, he's a laid-back, but intelligent and eloquent fellow. In here, he's been reduced to a cookie-cut dumb dog stereotype.

Overall, a good show and worth a watch.