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Simply Awful: EDIT
Okay, no one seemed to be happy with my original review of Brave New World, so I will elaborate my opinions.

It's not JUST the fact that the book feels like an anti-science rant (until about 14 chapters in) written by a man who had his schooling done in the 1700's. It's not JUST the fact that the writer was such an arrogant whiner, or even that he actually thought this book could happen. It's not JUST the fact that it's a rip off of 'We'.

It is, plain and simply, BORING. The narrative style is so stale, sterile and simply distant from the action, that it fails to at any point grab the reader's undivided attention until it's in it's last few chapters. Absolutely nothing is described in detail, to the point where I literally could not picture a single character. (I actually, and I am dead serious, imagined Bernard Marx as looking like Groucho Marx because of his last name, as there was no other description than saying he was short.) And if I could, there's so little description of background that I could only imagine the book's events taking place in an empty void.

Now, I mentioned in my original review that the characters were unlikeable. I meant that literally. I never said "Under developed" I never said that any of them were lacking in depth. In fact, I was surprised by the actually quite deep character of Mustapha Mond. But, I simply found everyone ANNOYING. I couldn't stand reading the character's rants about nothing in particular as they had some of the most stiff and boring conversations in the whole World State. Now, I might have over exaggerated about ALL of the characters. I actually sorta liked Mustapha Mond, John (Only at about chapter 13, however) and Helmholtz Watson. But, everyone else? Just plain irritating.

Another problem I have with the book is that the plot moves very slowly. Like, the 'plot' starts at chapter 8, out of a 16 chapter book. That's really all I can say.

Also, it contains one of the most annoying and cliched aspects of science fiction. It thinks it can create new things by just throwing words together and pretending it's a new invention or device. It's very annoying.

Finally, I shall speak of my main problem with the book. It is so self absorbed, takes itself so seriously, and simply ARROGANT that I couldn't like it all.

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