Reviews: A Scanner Darkly

Light and Darkness

I really, really liked this film. Richard Linklater is a very special kind of filmmaker, and “A Scanner Darkly” is (Just like the other animated film of Linklater “Waking Life”) a very special kind of film. It shares many things in common with “Waking Life”, not only in the visual technique (A technique that the viewer can either love or hate, but which gives this film a unique look) but also with the ambiguous, dream-like plot. If “Waking Life” showed us the strange, fascinating world of dreams, “A Scanner Darkly” shows us an equally strange and unpredictable world, but even more dangerous: The world of hallucinations induced by drugs, which is merely a plot device to made the viewer think about the ambiguous concept of what we usually perceive as “reality”. And yes, despite the eerie tone of many of the scenes and the general plot of the movie, there are several moments of humor, that not only work very well, but also made the experience of this film highly enjoyable and even captivating. “A Scanner Darkly” confirms Richard Linklater as one of the most talented filmmakers of the recent years. I would recommend it to any viewer.