Reviews: Scrapped Princess

Charming and optimistic (anime review)

Scrapped Princess is a sweet-and very well animated and acted- story of a princess who was supposed to be killed at birth, or "scrapped," because it was foretold she was the poison that would destroy the world on her 16th birthday. The story opens with the titular princess, Pacifica Cassul, and her siblings Shannon and Raquel, traveling the Earth, trying to live until Pacifica's 16th birthday. The first third of the story goes on in this manner- very "walk the earth"- but as the story progresses, the siblings learn there may be more to Pacifica and their world than they had ever guessed.

The characters are really what make Scrapped Princess. Side characters of the first ten or so episodes are (usually) not discarded, but instead kept around and, most notably in the case of Leo, a goofy, earnest knight, given lovely character development. The siblings are likeable protagonists, and Raquel and Shannon are extremely competent. The emphasis is definitely on the Shannon + Pacifica sibling relationship, which annoyed me sometimes (I really like Raquel!) but all three siblings depend on one another and they all have their moments of glory. Pacifica could be annoying at times, as she is probably the most dense idiot hero I've seen in the last year, but her caring nature and belief in the inherent goodness of everyone she meets is more than enough to redeem her. It's Pacifica and her goodness who defines the series and gives it its charm. The plot is not as interesting as the psychological and relationship studies of the characters, but it holds up well. There is no real filler- everything there will play a part. There's an overuse of some tired plot devices, but what Scrapped Princess really gets right is the sudden shift to sci-fi halfway through- it feels seamless. Nothing else I have ever read/watched has done that transition as well.

As for miscellaneous things, the music is very nice. The animation is also very pretty and (I watched it subbed) the voice acting is great. Best of all, the epilogue very nicely wraps things up with the major characters.

Though there are heartbreaking moments, the overall tone is that things will get better. Scrapped Princess was a breath of fresh air. Definitely worth the time investment of 24 episodes. You won't regret watching this charming series.