Reviews: Mayoi Neko Overrun

I Weep For What Could Have Been

I refuse to title this review "Wasted Potential". That is a cliché. And clichés are bad.

That said, it I dare you to find a phrase more suited to this show. What bothers me so much is that it had all the ingredients for greatness. A cast of interesting characters, plenty of opportunities for plot and character development and a group dynamic that worked. How they managed to screw that up so completely is beyond me.

After watching the first two episodes, I thought that I would actually enjoy Mayoi Neko Overrun. I was wrong. So, so terribly wrong. To give you an idea of how bad this anime is, I would point out three episodes which can only be called fillers. Fillers in bloody Twelve Episode Anime! No matter who you are, that is unacceptable.

Furthermore, each female lead undergoes character development at one point or another. Which is then promptly forgotten by the next episode when they go back to being a flat, static character of no interest whatsoever. In fact, the entire anime is like that. Ending a series the way it began is a stock tactic. But even when it does, there is usually some indication that progress has been made somewhere. Save for the inclusion of two more characters, absolutely nothing changes throughout the whole series. In fact the most progress made at any one time was in the last episode when a character pointed out something that was blatantly obvious from the get-go. The protagonist deserves a medal for remaining Oblivious To Love when it's that Anvilicious.

For a recommendation: Do not watch this. Had I known what this show was like going into it I would never have even considered watching it. It. Is. Crap. I'd like to say it had its moments. I would. But I can't. After the first two episodes (which might as well be a different show altogether, that's how different the rest was) this show degenerates to a pile of crap I wouldn't show to anyone except as a form of torture.

Please forgive my incredibly biased account, but if you can't tell, I DIDN'T LIKE IT. In my opinion, it wasted my time. And the worst part was that there was enough potential for something great. It lured my on with the hope it might get better. It didn't.