Reviews: Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei

Squandered potential.

(Review is up to Chapter 9 of the light novel, so spoilers.)

Satou does a good job of developing the magitech world, particularly how the various aspects of modern life are affected by such a power. It's especially rare to see so much world-building in a medium that tends to not explain the background as much. That's where my compliments end, though.

Firstly, Tatsuya isn't a believable character. At all. He's pretty much an Invincible Hero: although the concept of using analysis and speed to overcome a lack of natural talent is interesting, he curb stomps two characters that are stated to be top-level in the school (Hattori and Kirishima) without breaking a sweat. His personality is rather bland and nonreactive to boot - I ended up reading almost all his lines in the same disinterested monotone - and the only true weakness he has with schoolwork is a non-issue. Miyuki is too entangled in Tatsuya's character to be interesting in herself, and there's a dose too much of Incest Subtext to be comfortable. (The whole "let me strip for onii-sama!" scene comes to mind.) Meanwhile, the more intriguing characters (Hattori and Mizuki) don't get nearly as much focus or development. Finally, there's an absurd lot of Techno Babble, which albeit being essential to the series is shoehorned in so badly that it breaks the flow of reading.

I want to like this series. I really do. The world is engaging enough that you want to see where Satou goes next. However, the characters are doing a good job of ruining it for me, and I hope that it improves soon.

One of the Best Light Novels Ever

I have Read many Light Novels but this is the cream of the Crop right here

Story: This is a great story for anyone who Enjoys shonen/Tech Savy/Strategic Tropes. But in many ways, this story even has the potential to be a lot more popular than it already is. It is rare for any story to get overpowered done right but Mahouka does it perfectly. The novel takes a good look at the relationship between the weak and powerful, and it does well to create a world with a complete history. The explanations can get a little bit lengthy, but the complexity behind the magic theory adds a depth of reality to it all. I don't recall another supernatural action setting with such detailed, consistent, plausible explanations for supernatural combat techniques. If you read this for a volume or two, you should be impressed, as well as Intrigued to learn about the various spells and technologies/abilities.

Art : Like the saying goes "A picture speaks of thousand things" the LN's are subjected to 2-3 illustrations of important plot points throughout Volumes, M Kn R does a fantastic job in this department, the Artist has beautifully crafted the imagination of the author and blessed it with a touch of Life, It has a Mix of Shonen(ish)+a bit of Moe added in there...all in all Perfect Character Design that matches well with the tone of the story

Characters: One of The strong point for me in this Novel are it's Varied and Vast Cast of Characters, The MC (Tatsuya) isn't a Social Outcast or Weak as the Title would suggest...he follows his own Established Code mixed in with Mary Stu syndrome and yet ends up flashing the "Anti-Hero" persona, Miyuki his younger Sister suffers from Bro-Complex without any Sexual innuendos but in a more Cutesy fashion...all the Supporting Characters play relevant roles in driving the plot forward and more and more of their Background are revealed as the series progresses.

Overall: 10/10 With each installment my Enjoyment factors keep on rising, this is one of those rare cases that gets better and better with each passing chapters...i have re-read each arcs TWICE and i experience the same outburst of Emotions the 2nd time over...I Recommend this series to all who likes a bit of "Action+(H)Romance+Mystery+ Futuristic World-Building" mixed in to culminate a Masterpiece of it's Genre...