Reviews: Ladies Versus Butlers

From the start, you already know where this show is going...

A boy named Akiharu "accidentally" gropes a girl, scares several more, nearly gets suffocated under a maid's crotch, runs into his manipulative childhood friend...and all this happens in the first episode.

Yeah, you can already tell where this is going. What is there to say about this show? Well, it takes place in a school run by a flaming otaku who treats Akiharu (and by extension, the school) as if he were a sort of H-game. But do consider the various stereotypes that pop up: a ninja-like teacher, a perverted dude, a loli, a textbook tsundere, Manipulative Bitch, quiet/shy girl, Bifauxnen, clumsy maid, a shameless walking pile of fanservice...practically any trope you can wedge into a harem comedy anime series, I guarantee you will find it in Redi x Bato.

Sometimes it can be amusing, like the gigantic hair drill things that Sernia walks around with or seeing the green-haired Sanae trip over something, anything, at least once an episode. But then they repeat the same joke over, and over, and over until you just want them to stop. So to make up for lack of plot, story, interesting characters or even comedy that doesn't rely solely on harem comedy tropes, each episode will have a good deal of fanservice in hopes of distracting you from the lack of content. It doesn't really work, especially when the characters all look like grade-schoolers (oh sure, they claim to be of legal age, but good luck explaining that distinction to the cops when they knock your door down).

If there's one redeeming feature about this show, it's that it doesn't take itself all that seriously, so at least that removes some of the sting. But having said that, there's just no real compelling reason to watch it. There are better shows out there to waste time on whether you want to find a harem, comedy, a butler protagonist, loads of fanservice or some combination of the above.