Reviews: Kaze No Stigma

Better Than Most

I liked it.

To elaborate, Kaze No Stigma was a thoroughly enjoyable series with just the right blend of action, plot and romance. The death of the author means that many of the plot elements will likely be left hanging but it was awesome enough that it doesn't bother me.

I realise that the setting and premise aren't exactly unique, but it was executed well enough to make it stand out in its own right. The action was varied enough to keep it interesting and there was a feeling of progression, of something actually happening, even if it wasn't really very much at all.

I should point out that although this is predominantly an action series, it does contain a romantic element in the form of a particularly well crafted tsundere. The show is full of will they or won't they moments (better described as will she or won't she as Kazuma tends to just sit there with that knowing smile) and that particular sub-plot doesn't feel forced like most are. Hilarit obviously ensues when the father actually tries to force it, with an especially memorable moment involving an hot springs and an imagine spot.

To point out some of the negatives, I have already mentioned that some of the plot elements are unresolved at the series conclusion, and someone unaware of the situation could be justified in assuming that there was a second series. Furthermore, some aspects aren't so much unresolved as unexplained in the first place. But then Kazuma makes some snarky comment and you forget all about those silly things.

The dub actors did a fine job of it and the style of animation was consistent and not to bad to look at either. Overall, Kaze No Stigma was a good anime in my books. It had all the ingredients of greatness: engaging plot, interesting, evolving characters, excellent writing and a romantic sub-plot which was a hell of a lot more natural than most can claim to be. If it weren't for the unfortunate death of the author, I would say that this series has near limitless potential. As it is, it's just a must watch for any fan of the genre.