Reviews: Haiyore Nyarko San

Like To Love Ru, But Better.

Alright, a Harem series with aliens as the girls? Done before. Yet, this series has become my favorite of the genre, surpassing Love Hina, To Love Ru, and Girls Bravo. Why? The series will make you laugh your ass off every single episode.

I found about this series from fanart depicting a girl wearing nothing but flames. Yeah, I was curious. I discovered the show on Crunchyroll and decided to watch. Now, I'd seen a lot of humor in anime before, so the jokes didn't strike me quite as top notch. However, when aliens kidnapped the protagonists mother because she loves video games? THAT is where I fell in love with the series. When Kuuko gives a homage to Ryouko Asakura? That was fantastic.

This series is basically a parody of everything it seems to be at first. Harem, supernatural, and the like? They make sure nothing stays cliche with the unique personality and Breaking The Fourth Wall every other episode.

My opinion? Watch it. You will not be dissapointed. Keep an eye out for how many Shout Outs you can find in an episode.