Reviews: Durarara

I liked it. I guess.


Under... his own name! His own name! That damned flea is beyond all... I will kill him! And I will ruin this page... and this shirt... and... no... he can wait.

I'm not much of a reader, and I'll pass on anything that comes recommended by him. But the anime had its moments. I didn't like the way the point of views switched so much... it was about Celty, right? Why not stick with her? So confusing... but the art did her justice, I guess.

There're the two boys, Kida and Mikado... their secretiveness... the plot was messy. Could've fixed half of it myself if I'd known what that bastard was planning. And the girl, always with them... large breasts, glasses, some other shit. She was too quiet! Unmemorable! How am I supposed to keep track of so many characters when I can't even keep one name straight?

Much past the main adults and I could barely tell what was going on. By the end, I still didn't know what the hell 'Saika' was, and I'm almost sure that was important. Or did she die? Just thinking about it is confusing.

Even once I'm past all the insanity of the storyline to contend with, there's... I won't even say his name. Who gives a damn what happens to the informant? Unless it's his funeral, I sure as hell don't. And even then, it'd be for the satisfaction of finally spitting on his grave. I feel bad for the woman he's always got in that office of his, and I hate everything about her! No one is bad enough to deserve that cockroach, gloating over their shoulder... watching them... oh, I will kill him. To hell with my shirt, I will-!

Even that, I can't enjoy. Just like everything else, my beating the shit out of him with my bare hands will be taken out of context. I would never... think about him like that! Nnnnng... I'll kill him! I'll hunt him down first, and then I will come for anyone who makes a goddamned yaoi about it!

...I did like the anime. I recommend it... not to people like me, but I think- IZAYAAAAAA! GET BACK HERE, FLEA! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!

Worth checking out

Durarara has a strange style and pace to it. Near the beginning, the piecemeal story is kind of frustrating and the visual style of graying out extras feels odd. Some of the characters feel very removed from what's actually going on in the city and one can be left wondering why we spend so much time on them. However, if you have the patience to get through the beginning, you will be rewarded with an engaging series that's not quite like anything else.

The cast of characters is pretty charming, and with so many, you're bound to find someone to like and root for. Despite all the characters, I never found myself bemoaning the fact that a certain character didn't have enough of a focus. The amount of time spent on each character is pretty perfect in proportion to how important they are to what's going on in the story, so no one ever really feels left out. Everyone seems to be keeping shady secrets in this city, and part of the fun is trying to figure out what they're trying to hide. As the series continues, each character's individual story slowly integrates more fully into the overarching plot. By the end, everything joins together as a whole. Personally, I was gripped to the end and found that all the little struggles were wrapped up quite well. It's easy to become attached to these characters, as the show does an excellent job at making lots of characters easy to relate to or sympathize with.

The art is nice to look at most of the time. The backgrounds are gorgeous and the character designs are done well. However, as mentioned above, I personally found the grayed-out extras took a bit of time to get used to before the scenes really looked "right" to me. As I continued, though, I found it to actually be a huge benefit and a neat stylistic choice. It's really a matter of personal opinion. I thought the soundtrack was pretty forgettable for the most part, though. It's not terrible or anything, but it didn't really stick out in my mind as being really noticeable except for the openings and endings. Fortunately, the English dub and sub are both awesome so just pick your preference.

Durarara is not for everyone. It's very scattered early on and even as it comes together some may find the large cast and storytelling style is not to their taste. But please give it a try if you think it sounds interesting; you just might love it.

I just love this series!

Yes, I am indeed using my real name, as opposed to of my numerous chat aliases. This I assure you is out of a gesture of sincere love for all of you here, plus I highly doubt Shizuo-kun is even aware of this site in the first place (I tend to make sure his life is ruined enough as it is).

Anyway, it is personally difficult for me to award 10/10 to any series that prominently features Heiwajima Shizuo (and later my own sisters)... hmm, but I might also argue the reverse. In fact, I would go as far as to say that this series doesn't feature enough of Shizuo-kun, so perhaps we could have a Director's Cut that offers a more, shall we say, "intimate", "revealing" look, showing you all the various things that Shizuo-kun doesn't want you to know about. I know I'd watch it.

Onto more aesthetic matters, the anime/light novels are of course wonderfully animated/drawn (with the glaring exception of Shizuo's character design) and the soundtrack as stated before is, apart from a turgid saxophone number, most unique (though in regards to Ending 1, do you think they could have possibly placed me somewhere less awkward? Then again, I suppose I wouldn't be able to gaze down upon Shizuo-kun's most delightfully tormented expression...)

The plot, as you are well aware, mainly centres on myself spreading my love all around to the townspeople of Ikebukuro (though sadly Gozu-Tennoh was not able to make an appearance)... and some Irish woman. The cast of characters is again exceptional(ly awful in Shizuo's case), as of course is any series featuring yours truly. Admittedly this is the only series featuring yours truly, but maybe I could persuade Our Lord On High to try and smuggle one of my grandparents into the ongoing Baccano! novels. Er, you weren't supposed to read that italicised bit.

So all in all, absolutely top-notch and deserving of my love... minus one or two things. So I suppose there's nothing left to do but wait for Season 2, torment Shizuo some more, get to work on that Norse apocalypse thing and, erm, cover a few more Vocaloid songs if Nico Nico Douga is any indication. Oh, and if anyone who has personally met me is reading this review then, ah, The Moon Is Going To Smash Into Ikebukuro!

~ Lots of Love, Orihara Izaya