Reviews: Baccano


Baccano! is one of the most coolest series ever made.The music,the characters,the complex story.EVERYTHING.I like all the characters.Almost all.My favorites ones are Czeslaw Meyer(cute,woobie,hugable),Firo Prochainezo(he is cool and sweet),Luck Gandor (sexy,cool,badass,and is voiced by Takehito Koyasu),Chane(sexy mute,badass,nice girl),Ladd Russo(Ax Crazy,cool,funny), Ronnie Suchiart(mysterious,amoral,sexy looking,eldrich abomination,powerful),Claire Stanfield(do i need it to say?),Maiza Avaro(cool,calm,is a nice friend to Firo and Czeslaw),Isaac and Miria,Niki(from the light novels),and Jacuzzi and his gang. The ones I don't like are the assholes and the Big Bad of the series.The last one I would kill him with my own hands. The story is very complex.It's like a puzzle,big puzzle. The opening is addicting and awesome.The characters are complex and badass.The dub is 10/10 stars.Baccano! it's a must watch series.

I'd Like Immortals, the Mafia, Three Timelines and Crazy Awesome. Also set in the '30's? Thank you!

Baccano! is an anime based on Ryogo Narita's light novels. The anime is what we're talking about here, and it spans the time periods of 1930-1932. One episode is set in 1710 (I think? Please correct me if I'm wrong), though.

In the beginning of the series, you'll be very confused. Many viewers tend to drop the anime at the start, but things start making sense in the middle.

The music and art are the best things of the anime. The opening hooks you, features the names of some characters, and gives you a flashback of the previous episode that is essential to the current one. The music is Big Band Jazz and soft jazz, perfect for the era.

The characters are all loveable, too. They range from Cloudcuckoolander, Axe Crazy, to Crazy Awesome, to Badass Normal. In short, they're all awesome. It's a World Of Badass. There is no protagonist, and each character may be either a protagonist or antagonist depending on what perspective it's set in.

It's very good overall. Awesome. It's my favorite anime, and one of the best I've seen.

Baccano! The best anime ever! To me at least...

Baccano! Is just plain awesome, the word at it's best. With a train load of characters and buckets of fun, Baccano! Is unlike any anime I've ever seen. With completely MESSED UP characters like Ladd Russo, to surprisingly sweet characters like Eve Genoard. It's EXTREMELY funny and it pulls at my heartstrings rather gently, just what I want in any type of media. The music is great with big band jazz. It also has one of the best openings I've ever heard! This is my favorite anime of all time! I give this anime a 5 out of 5 stars!!!