Reviews: Sir Ron Lionheart

Sonic the Hedgehog the Porcupine the Guinea Pig

This review is focused around Sir Ron Lionheart Lets Play Sonic the Hedgehog the Porcupine the Guinea Pig the Fantastic Golden Onion Ring Eater the Olympic Gold Medalist Swimmer the Heavy Metal Spiky Rolling Blue Pinball the Chipmunk and Guinea Pig Protector the Eggman Destroyer the Casper the Friendly Ghost Protector Part 1.

I wrote all of that from memory.

It was the first series of Sir Ron I ever watched, and it is probably the best entry point to the series because Sir Ron is very loud and excited compared to some of his other series. I have somehow memorized the first episode. Let me try to recall the beginning.

Sir Ron: "HELLO, this is SIR RON LIONHEART and welcome to Lets Play-"

Sir Ron (with the game): "SEEEEEGA!"

Sir Ron: "YEAH! Sonic the Hedgehog, THE PORCUPINE, haha!"

Let's examine this. Sir Ron calls Sonic a porcupine just because it's random and he probably used to as an inside joke, he shouts "SEGA" along with the game as I'm sure alot of you probably already do, he just... enjoys himself. And he enjoys himself more in this game than in most of his other games.

Sonic is so optimistic, just shouting "YEAH!" throughout the video. A lot of Sir Ron's voiced protagonists argues with him, but in here, Sir Ron, Sonic and Mulan Moulin have fun throughout the entire game and it's lots of fun to watch.

Especially note that Sonic gets hurt once in the entire game, to save himself from drowning, and the Labyrinth Zone boss is crushed. CRUSHED. While Sir Ron may fail at defeating the chain chomp in Super Mario 64, he sure knows how to play Sonic.