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Needs to Rev Up His Game
A couple of years back, I genuinely liked watching Pewds. He was pretty funny, if not immature, and played pretty interesting games. As a person, he's a pretty good guy, and genuine. However, as he kept on making games and Lets Plays, I felt less entertained. His jokes were getting a bit repetitive, and when he plays a story like game, I feel like he doesn't really engage in the game. He doesn't do what Lets Gamers usually do - put their input on a game! Give their thoughts and such! All he just does is make mindless jokes and scream at stuff! Yeah, its funny, but its getting honestly old and I feel like he doesn't take the game seriously nor appreciate for what it is.

Nowadays, he REALLY isn't making an effort in playing games. Sure, maybe a lot of fans might like these short games he plays, but he's not delivering the end of his part! He's not even bothering to look up new interesting story like games to play for his fans, just stupid mindless iPad games. I mean, at least he's making an effort to patch up his relationship with his fans, but I personally feel that he bends to their every whim a bit TOO much.

At this point, he needs to rev up his game again to be taken seriously.
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Pew Die Pie is not that bad!
Pew Die Pie is one of those Youtubers who tries to make us laught due to his popularity. (That why he often Re-does his vids to please this fans) Not only that, he has a life, A girlfriend,a job and even a DOG!

He also does videos for fun and that's how he rose to fame, his Subs grow almost evey second! (Go to his channel and Click Refreash every so often). he was VOTED to become KING of the web (A.K.A the internet)

Sure he swears alot, But look at Mario Teh Plumber's Videos and rants about him and try to compare the maturity.

His fans are ever so growing and praise him for Pew Die caring about him and every Weekend Pewds make a vid to please and thank his fans.

For you Pew Die Pie haters, try and prove 6 mil. people wrong...he DOES have a heart and cares for his Fandom.

I recommend him to Teens and Adults for Funny humor. (Remember: Not all jokes are funny but no one can perfect it...)

Also, you should give him credit. He read a paragraph of Fifty Shades of Grey .
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Seen better, seen worse
I started watching PewDiePie's videos about a year ago after seeing a few of his montages and genuinely finding it funny when he screamed at every jump scare and gave voices to inanimate objects. A year later, he's still doing those things, but less frequently, and when he does do them they feel old and recycled.

Not that I only have negative things to say about PewDiePie - his playthroughs of The Crooked Man and Slender: The Arrival held my interest, but mainly because the games were interesting and PewDiePie's input was mainly his natural reaction to them. When he plays games that either depend 100% on the game or on himself for entertainment, I lose interest.

His fans can be a bit overzealous in their appreciation of his videos, but in his defence, he has very frequently asked them not to harass other YouTubers or start Flame Wars. PewDiePie's greatest asset is probably the genuine nature in which he addresses his fans, frequently thanking them for helping him get to the position he's in. He truly does seem to love what he does.

I'm still subscribed to him so that I can see when a new montage comes up, but otherwise I don't go out of my way to watch his videos. He's not the best thing on YouTube by far (that would be ProJared) but his detractors have a tendency to exaggerate his faults - when he's unfunny, he's unfunny, but I never thought he was offensively bad.

Overall, he's not the Messiah of Let's Plays, nor is he the Antichrist. Sometimes I'm disappointed with his videos, but occasionally I'm pleasantly surprised. I'd give him 6/10.
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Opinions are fragments of facts.
I've been subjected to Pewdiepie's videos for a long time because of my younger brother being a fan of him. Now honestly I ca't say they're that bad... Or I adapted to it. Either way I don't care, it's not like I watch him that much.

The hate doesn't directly aim at Pewds, yeah let's call him that to shorten this. It's the fanbase. Or what he does to the fanbase.

I can't exactly hate the guy either since he's donating the money he got to charity, or was that cancer? Frankly when he's not screaming to appeal to the younger era of the internet world, he seemed quite nice. But his more popular version, the swearing shouting one, sometimes makes me cringe. Though he's 'watchable' on some of his less shouting videos, in my opinion. Won't care about yours, that's your opinion. Even if its messed up or intelligent, this is my opinion.

BUT. Being able to turn those dumber views into money that one can actually give to charity? Instead of hogging it all? Well sounds decent enough for me. If one can turn all those 'new joiners of the internet that have no idea what to do' into water for Africa, that soudns nice Of course it also have its disavantages but don't care. Less rivals in this generation and it actually makes me feel better to see people like those still exist

The quality of his videos are nice. Gameplay segments, meh. His ways appeal when you truly take it easy, or just got on the internet. Don't really care too much, at least they were hd even if scripted.

Either way, I'm not going to force myself to watch his videos since I'm not a fan unless there's something interesting. But I also won't say he's an 'OMFG such a great guy! You must be an idiot to think he's wrong! He must be working wit da barells!', quoted from one of his fans.

Note like it matters, this is just my opinion made into a review. As they say, YMMV
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The problems with Pew Die Pie.
By definition, a Let's Play is focused on the game, not the player. The players contribute, but the main focus is on the game.

With Pew Die Pie, however, he takes front and center, and the game is relegated to the background. People come for the 'comedy', not '"Scary" Indie Game #674'. He's less of a Let's Player, and more of a Youtube 'Comedian'. So, is his comedy act good?


His stage persona is an atrocity, pandering to the Lowest Common Denominator at every turn. There is no hint of wit or intelligent comedy in his routine, only ear-splitting shrieks, disgusting jokes, and tired catchphrases. In between his overused jokes, he takes Refuge In Vulgarity to an appalling extreme that brings the works of Seltzer And Friedberg to mind. He contributes nothing to whatever game he's molesting, only serving to lessen the experience. What else do you expect, though, from a man who sees video games as work, and his audience as nothing more than dollar signs?

In summary, Pew Die Pie is a Youtube performer whose performance is as stale as last year's bread, as tasteless as Holocaust jokes at a bar mitzvah, and as disgusting as finding a maggot in a bowl of oatmeal. Avoid.
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Ah, Pewdiepie. The subject of many flamewars, he's constantly being described through various extremes. You either think he's God or think he's a worthless piece of shit. At least, that's what his idiotic fans seem to think.

In all honesty, Pewdiepie's entertainment value will vary WILDLY from viewer to viewer, and will change over time. One person might start off thinking he's not really funny while another thinks he's hilarious, but those opinions could change over time. Personally, I consider Pewdiepie to be the You Tube equivalent of your kinda creepy uncle that always gives you a gift when he visits: enjoyable for a few years, but slowly it starts to lose its novelty. I like Pewdiepie, but I don't think he's amazing.
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The problem when the game is more interesting than the player
First of all, let me ask: why do we ask for silence while watching a movie? Why do we dislike the guy that keeps making sounds in the theather and want him to shut up? Because we want to pay attention to what's happening in the screen and that's how I felt when I watched his episodes on The Walking Dead.

The game has one of the most engaging stories I've seen in a videogame, because it makes you care for the character and face the harsh reality that you won't be able to save all of them. It's a drama game, not an horror game, the zombies are just there to be a plot device, replace them with other thing like demons or stuff and you see almost no difference. And that's where it lied my problem with Pew Die Pie: he is the guy who keeps making noises in the theather.

I only watched because a good friend of mine recommended, because we had a bet. She told me his specialty was horror games. I also learned of his huge popularity. But when I started watching, I saw a guy who simply made choices randomly in the first two episodes, that didn't realize he was in a setting that required measurement of his own choices, he seemed like a stereotipical FPS fanboy. Some of the jokes were funny, but it's because he made so much boring jokes, so much, that he had to get a minority right. I was frustrated, watching a drama story unfold and he screaming in my ear whenever a zombie appeared (at least he had the common sense to diminish the screaming at the last two episodes). In fact, if I were to compare Pew Die Pie to a character of the game, I would compare him to Ben, both have no sense of what's going on.
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