Reviews: Nnemonic

A Very fun Let's Player and Great Streamer.

I knew of Mikes account through his LSD videos and I constantly enjoyed all of his Let's Plays with his LSD and Martian Gothic L Ps being fun to watch the most. I really like how he can't take himself seriously but isn't to the point of obnoxiousness like most Let's Players.

I should mention that his streams are very fun to watch too. No matter what the game is, I always have fun watching him play the games. Only downside is the chat. It's usually Hit or Miss with all the people there which is to be expected but to me, when there is someone who falls into the "miss" category in the chat, you can tell who it is. I've also noticed how certain subject matters turn a bearable to outright good chat to something that looks like that should be part of a Mental Asylum. The Big name people there like Bern, Glack, Soviet Steve, Redbear, and even a few of the quirky trolls do make it worth experiencing though.

I do like how Mike likes to make certain characters "alive" in the streams. Chuck E Cheese's Pasqually and Cinnamaroll who is known as Cocaine here come to mind. It's usually like watching a live Comedy Show with a bunch of Mental Asylum Escapees.

To the people looking for a good Streamer and Let's Player, I recommend Mike Nnemonic.