Reviews: Chuggaaconroy

Informative, but annoying

While undeniably an informative LPer, Chuggaaconroy has some quirks that can be very off-putting.

First and foremost are his puns. While they're fairly tolerable in his older works, in more recent LPs (Pokémon Colosseum in particular) he's gotten so focused on finding puns wherever he can that it's started to distract from the game he's supposed to be playing. And since he's become so focused on finding puns wherever he can, they're bad. Really bad. So bad, that some of them don't even qualify as puns. Plus, the awkwardly bad puns disrupt the flow of his commentary and decrease the overall quality of the LP. Unfortunately, since he seems to view his puns as a badge of honor, it's unlikely that they'll improve.

Beyond that, he has a tendency to gush about games that he likes, fawning over the minute details as they come up. While not in and of itself a bad thing, it can be off-putting to those who do not share his opinion. And it's not that he doesn't have a point, but he tends to trample over the moments that he's trying to highlight, instead of letting the game speak for itself. In my case specifically, his fawning has turned me away from Xenoblade, when before I was at least mildly interested in it.

Finally, like many other LPers that have gathered large followings, Chuggaa is rather loud and exaggerated in his reactions, to the point where he can come off as obnoxious. This wouldn't be much of a problem, if not for the two qualities listed above ensuring that he's obnoxious at every other time.

While I've been mostly critical in this review, don't get the wrong impression. Chuggaa is still one of the most informative Let's Players out there, as well as one of the most professional in terms of editing. If you want a good quality LP, Chuggaa is definitely your best choice. Just don't be surprised if you have to clench your teeth a bit (or a lot) to make it through them.

This Guy Is Awesome

Chuggaaconroy is a great L Per, going out of his way and spending cash he doesn't really need to just to show his viewers everything in a game. He inspired me to start L Ping myself. He has also inspired several others.

The greatest let's player of all time.

This guy rocks. He's great at the games that he does, knows about almost any secret in it, and, of course, is as hilarious. If it's because of his frustration in an annoying part of the game, or one of his jokes, I almost always laugh. For instance, when he tried (and failed repeatedly) to win the dog race in his Majora's mask let's play. Or his Fountain of Barrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrffffff!And I swear that I wouldn't even bother seeing the Runaway Guys, if it weren't for him. His flaws are minimal, and he'll show you almost anything you want to know about a game he's let's playing. He is the greatest let's player, and one of the greatest people on the internet.