Reviews: Power Rangers

Simply Power Rangers

I can't describe the sadness I felt when I heard Power Rangers was going off air. The silly series that I hadn't really consistently watched for years but I still counted on being there when I needed a little cheering up wasn't going to be there anymore. And it needed to be.

See Power Rangers is simple. In an age where our heroes must be complicated and conflicted, our villains relateable and sympathetic, our views of right and wrong messed with and our plots sometimes overly complicated, Power Rangers offers simplicity. The Bad Guys are bad and while they are sometimes sympathetic, their motives are evil for evils sake. And our Heroes, while some have issues, are always honorable and brave. There is /nothing/ wrong with this and I think sometimes that we need reminding that things don't have to be so complicated, they can be simply a battle of Good vs. Evil with very little gray in between.

And now that it's coming back and hopefully for many years to come, bring on the cheesy plots and cliche characters, the bad episodes and the terrible special effects. Because for all this, Power Rangers is Nostalgia and Catharsis and those few minutes a day when you can get excited about watching a guy in brightly colored tights yelling out ridiculously named attacks, fighting in a giant dinosaur based robot against an equally giant pizza monster, possibly in space or with magic or cars, with far too many explosions accompanying every breath, all while a manically laughing Czar of Evil in a palace on the moon looks on and plots his revenge.

In short, it's simply Power Rangers. And Go Go Power Rangers