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They've milked this cash cow dry
I'm grateful to the franchise, its kept Nintendo afloat during dark times, ensuring we get new Metroid, Mario and Zelda games, can't thank it enough for that, but its gotten to the stage where I can't see Pokemon surviving another three generations.

Pokemon today is an exhausting experience, it takes more out of me, the player, than it gives back.

Now I LOVE Generation 1. Yes its aged horribly, but for all its flaws, quirky and questionable design choices, and godawful cumbersome user interface, it still retains a certain undeniable 'charm' a 'spark' that is unmatched. My greatest source of anguish is that we never got a full-on proper 3D RPG Pokemon game on N64, and never will. The closest was 'Snap', 'Stadium' and 'Hey You Pikachu', which are draining, gimmicky and quickly become tiresome. I'm tempted to condemn Nintendo and Game Freak alike outright as lazy developers for not capitalizing upon this potential.

Pokemon is in danger of suffocating itself by expanding and expanding to the point where it becomes monotonous. Its already unnecessarily complicated and time-consuming. Haters are gonna hate for me saying this but - the true rot set in with Generation 2. It introduced crazily-rare Shiny Pokemon, genders, additional stats, breeding, eggs, evolution prerequisites, holding items and "legendary hunting". And it just kept going downhill from there.

As of X and Y, there are now 649 Pokemon. Are you kidding me? That's insane. The individual values, natures, etc are almost impossible to keep up with.

Pokemon is now in desperate need of a radical overhaul. It needs to be rebooted with the original 151 Pokemon, Game Freak ought to focus on its strengths, return to its RPG roots in making the world feel truly alive. The badly-written filler anime should not look interesting by comparison.
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An eternal childhood
My first handheld Pokémon game, Pokémon Emerald, was given to me on my actual tenth birthday. I've never put the series down since. Pokemon is such a vast world to get lost in, it amazes me not one review of the whole series was written 'til now in 2013. There are countless wonderful moments to enjoy and treasure and so many cute little critters to love, I don't even know how to fully express it in words. May Pokémon live long and prosper for eternity.
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The degradation of Game Freak
Recently, a whole lot of stuff's been going down, and I can't really say I care for it. But rather than go on an aimless tirade, I'll just say this:

Remember when Gen II introduced two new types to give more creativity and to balance Psychic? It's been ripped off via Fairy, a Pokemon type made to nerf Dragon, but now threatens the entire metagame.

Remember when Gen III introduced abilities that did stuff like give immunities to status effects and attack types? Well, now Gen VI is reworking the type chart so as to weaken Fairy's counters.

Remember when Gen V showcased a bunch of cool Pokemon that everyone wanted to try out, and ended up being very useable in the metagame? Well, the new Pokemon all look weird, and none of them save Sylveon look particularly useful.

And remember when Shaymin and Kyurem got new formes? They've decided to exaggerate that with Mega Evolutions, which mean the metagame will suffer absolutely.

My point is that Game Freak no longer cares for their players. All the new reveals about Pokemon XY are nothing but shock value milking. No doubt this means the end result will become more Base Breaking than one could possibly imagine.

I implore you, internet, if you don't want companies that treat their fans like idiotic money cows, I suggest we stage some sort of Internet Counterattack and change the industry for the better.

And yeah, yeah, I'll probably be deemed a troll or an Entitled Bastard for it, but I'd rather pay $60 for pure quality than $40 for compromise and DLC. -Greener

PS: As an addendum, I know I will end up buying it and liking it, but there's no law against setting standards as to what constitutes as a good game. I'm not calling for a boycott, I'm calling for the reaction to Mass Effect 3's ending.
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A Creative Cornucopia of Ideas
There are lots of reasons why people enjoy Pokemon. Some like to follow the anime, while others are involved in competitive battles. The reason why I like Pokemon, however, derives from the strong sense of character design that the series bestows upon its monsters.

Pokemon draws inspiration from a variety of sources, some of the most fruitful of which come from our natural world. Biological processes are emulated, such as the progression from caterpillar to butterfly that Caterpie, Metapod, and Butterfree represent. Chinchou and Lanturn resemble abysmal fish. Reuniclus is a freakin' giant amoeba, complete with organelles! There are hundreds of other organisms upon which the series bases monsters off of, and it's always a joy to see which ones will be recruited in each new batch. Previously, I used to be annoyed by some of the obvious expies between generations (Pidgey is Taillow is Starly... you get my point), but it's a cool idea once you realize that similar but different species tend to occupy the same ecological niches in different geological areas of the real world. It's all incredibly familiar, yet fun, interesting, and new at the same time.

Although the way that Pokemon reflects the natural world has really captured my heart, I really must give credit to the monsters based instead off of legends or technology or objects or even subcultures. It says something that I've learned a lot about Eastern mythology by reading up on Arcanine or Ninetails. And some of these monsters simply look cool; Porygon, Drifloon, Gothitelle, and Honedge are some of my favorites here, but I'm sure that you have others that you personally enjoy.

What I think separates Pokemon's design philosophy from that of Digimon, another series that tries to take cues from a wide variety of sources, is that Pokemon tend to be more simply designed. Compare Charizard to MetalGreymon, the latter of which, even if he isn't rendered with bulging muscles or popped veins, has A LOT more going on. While this approach tends to be flashier, I think Pokemon ultimately succeeds from an aesthetic-based perspective because it's a lot easier to tell what themes a monster is supposed to represent and, in the long term, tends to be a lot easier on the eyes because there isn't so much input to process.

Here's hoping Pokemon continues to be a creative delight for years to come!
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