Reviews: Devil May Cry

In order : Confusing, rather forgettable and awesome

Dante is Badass that can't be denied, but DMC varies in quality. The first has confusing controls compared to the others and is more like the Resident Evil games in that there's a lot of text and more mystery-like atmosphere/play. Also, I think it's, story-wise, been declared non-canon by Word of God. I find the quip, "Flock off feather-face." appropriate and funny; and has one major moment of Large Ham. For weapons I preferred Rebellion/Ebony-Ivory/Shot gun, though Alistair, Iferit and Beta-Shadow were awesome. The enemies are odd, puppets really ?, though Nelo Angelo, the shadow thing, Griffin, Mundus and Trish are awesome enemies, plus Trish is hot, the ending also changes the shops name.

DMC 2 for being 2-disc, doesn't have a very memorable story behind it. Something about Trish showing up and them going to a castle is literally all I can remember. The water levels suck because their hard, you only have one, rather useless, weapon and the controls are annoying because you switch to first-person until you get out of the water; though I did love the new Amulet system for Devil Trigger. Weapons I still preferred R/E-I compared to the others, which I can't even remember. I also liked Matier and Lucia (?), the human villian seems very Camp Gay with the whole sitting on desks sipping wine and the white suits, though he is a good enemy with the black holes and such. Lucia's disc has a more angelic Devil Trigger which is awesome, though the downside is she, basically, just does Dante's route backwards with a few excluisve enemies.

DMC:Awakening is awesome, the regular and, definitely, special edition have concept art, unlockable costumes and the character 'files' are cool. Almost everything is awesome and, gasp, it's got a memorable story. Climbing Teminigrue (?)to stop Vergil from unsealing the demons and taking their father Sparda's power, the reveal at the end. For enemies there's Leviathan, Nevan, the Fallen Angels and who can forget Dante's Evil Twin Virgil. Weapons using Nevan's guitar is not for someone without paitent because it's hard to figure out. The Cerebrus, Agni and Rudra, Bewulf and missile launcher weapons are cool.

So, yeah all in all its a good franchise, if only because the last one was especially worth it, that's what I think, at least.