Reviews: Chaos Rings

A classic RPG for the iPhone

At first glance, this game might bring back a few memories of games such as Final Fantasy VIII or IX, as the graphics are so similar. This game plays much like a simplified version of those games, with a similar field exploration system, which features pre-rendered backgrounds with real time rendered characters. The battle system is simplified, featuring more slow paced battles, and a simple, though still incredibly customizable, method of learning and equipping abilities. Puzzle rooms have also been added in, although these can be either pitifully easy, or ridiculously hard, with no real middle ground. The games story starts off pretty simple, and can seem like an excuse plot at first, but the plot soon develops, especially by playing scenarios unlocked after beating the first ones available. Admittedly, the story development does have a feeling of being put off too long, and merely crammed in to the last half hour, but this puts a whole new spin on things in later playthroughs, when things suddenly start to make sense.

The fact that you have to play the whole game with each of the four couples to reach the final boss subtracts from the game a bit, since the scenarios don't change anything up from each other. Overall, the game lacks challenge, and while there are optional sidequests, the equipment gained from them is completely unnecessary at that point. Despite these shortcomings, this is still a great game.

The game features an amazing soundtrack, which really adds to the experience, and has incredible visuals. In all the time I've played it, I've never had it slow down, nor have I had it crash. This game might not be very long, but for what you're getting from it, it's worth every penny of what it costs.