Reviews: X-Men

First Class: A Brilliant Tragedy

This is how you do a prequel. Granted, everybody knows what's going to happen at the end, but it's finding out how it happens that makes it fun and interesting, in which First Class succeeds. It doesn't just rely on funny Call Forwards, but the real core of this movie is the Character Development realistically portrays how the characters as we know them came to be.

This is especially the case with Magneto's Start Of Darkness. Erik doesn't go Jumping Off The Slippery Slope; on one hand he is a victim of his own hatred, Roaring Rampage Of Revenge, and circumstances that prove him to be right all along and practically justify his actions at the end of the movie. On the other hand he realizes that he is Not So Different from the Big Bad Evil Mentor, ultimately agreeing him, providing the ultimate Irony of a Holocaust survivor agreeing with a Nazi, proving that Erik is too consumed by the hate about what happened to realize that the ideology that he adopts from the enemies he kills is morally wrong and what caused the suffering of himself and others in the first place. The end result is a someone neither a hero nor a villain, who you can sympathise with yet at the same time hate for the pain he causes his best friend.

(Hey George Lucas, you taking notes?)