Reviews: Tremors

Broke into the wrong Goddamned rec room!

Tremors occupies a special place in 90s movies. It was a homage to 50s monster movies from decades earlier, but still managed to retain an original style that it used to wonderful effect.

The story, par for the homage, is your classic "Monster attack" scenario, but it does it in a way that subverts a lot of established tropes in the monster genre. The two heroes are completely in the dark when it comes to the monsters, the scientist is only attractive and a geologist, and the gun nut not only survives, he's practically the one to save the day. The graboids are very memorable, and the series progression is excellent for showing the life cycle of creatures that were randomly invented.

The best part of the whole series, really, is that the characters truly are as clueless as the audience in the movies, literally making guesses and plans as they go. We are literally in the dark with the plot. Quite frankly, when it comes to playing with tropes, this one is as good as and even surpasses the Last Action Hero.

If you're a troper, you are recommended to see this series. And spray yourself over with a fire extinguisher, you'll need it.