Reviews: The Wicker Man

A different sort of horror

This isn't the sort of horror that relies on a slasher villain with near-invincibility or supernatural forces. The horror comes from the uneasiness that the viewers feel as Sergeant Howie goes through the island trying to figure out what is going on. The people seem normal enough but they also give the impression that they're hiding something, waiting for the right time to spring a trap on the hapless hero. The horror comes from the idea that the viewers know something is wrong, but can't quite put their finger on it yet.

The Wicker Man is a fascinating piece of work that not only keeps a suspenseful atmosphere, but is also quite the feast for eyes while maintaining its mood. The beauty of the landscape helps emphasize the growing uneasiness that there is something wrong. The festival thrown by the people is rich in color and full of happiness, yet it also causes uneasiness because it seems that everyone is just a little too happy and that the climax of the festival will get ugly. This is a movie that should definitely be checked out; it is a horror film, but one of a different kind.