Reviews: The Smurfs

"I still hated it. Just not as much."

Okay, maybe hate is too strong of a word for how I feel about this movie, but that quote from it pretty much sums up how I felt coming out of it. I went into this movie fully expecting to see a horrible movie, but the movie just left me feeling apathetic more then anything else. The biggest problem this whole thing has is that it doesn't really feel like a Smurfs movie. It would be remarkably easy to remove all the magical elements from the film and still be able to tell the same story (whether that would have made a better movie or not is debatable). Gargamel suffers most from this since he doesn't really have a reason to be there beyond the film needing an antagonist. He doesn't need to be here since the movie already has a conflict for the Smurfs themselves, the fact that they're stranded in a new world with only one chance to get back, and Gargamel's inclusion just feels like an afterthought to all that. Still, the movie doesn't include anything overwhelmingly awful or stupid and is pretty forgettable for the most part, so I can't exactly bring myself to feel anything more then apathy for it.