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The most satisfying movie Ive ever seen
Shawahank Redemption is an amazing movie, one that has captivated me like no other before or since I sat down to watch it. The characters are very strong, the film has a fair amount of dark comedy interspersed with great moments of tension and moments of sadness.

What makes it so satisfying to me however is just how well it finishes. It has a relatively long build up, but the final 30-40 minutes of the film are what truly make it so outstanding. Nothing about it left me feeling empty and even after a second watch, observing the character relationships as they develop and the dramatic conclusion to the events left me very content. Its neither Anvilicious nor pointless, which is a plus since it does provide a good theme.

Its hard to talk about the film without spoiling what makes it great or repeating a summary. Just go watch it, I believe You wont be disappointed.
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