Reviews: The Guest

Glorious 80\'s Cheese

(brief spoilers herein)

Where has this movie been in my life? One of the most delightfully cheesy, slickly made genre mashups I've seen in quite a while. This should be a complete mess but thanks to stylish camera work, awesome music, a tight script and a cast really sinking their teeth into the material, it works like gangbusters. The more absurd it gets, the more entertaining it becomes!

Really, it's a goddamn shame what the past couple of movies Adam Wingard has made. The Guest shows his obvious talent but he's been squandering it with projects like Blair Witch and Death Note (2017) (and by the looks of it, Godzilla vs Kong will probably be a creative nadir for him). But at least I'll always have the image of Dan Stevens holding two grenades in his hands with the biggest shit eating grin possible about to blow up a dinner with Stevie B's "Because I Love You" playing in the background and that alone makes the film a watch.