Reviews: The Grey

The Grey

I really liked this movie. It was suspenseful, and the wolves were damn worthy of nightmares. The tragic deaths of all of the survivors easily tug at the heart strings. Hendrick's drowning was probably the scariest one. The fact that Ottway tried giving him air, and tried moving the rocks, shows that he really cared about him, even though they barely knew each other before the crash. Diaz staying behind was a tear jerking decision, but an honorable one. Talget's death when the line snapped was a bit Narmy though. Hernandez's death was something he was asking for with the video game! Overall, all of the deaths were impactful, the movie looked great, and the wolves, (and Ottway ) were badass, the only problem I have with it is that you don't get to see the fight between Ottway and the Alpha wolf. However, his pre ass-kicking poem recitation was completely awesome, and added to his character. The ending was a bit of a downer though, because although Ottway defeated the Alpha wolf, they both likely ended up dead. 4/5 would watch again!

I'll do it myself...

Do not go looking for a big happy ending here. Not even close. This movie plots more despair and rage against the heavens than I have seen since Fight Club. But the characters feel realistic, the wolves are seriously scary, and the story at least explores all the various reactions among the survivors of the plane crash. Does a tense, in-depth meditation on faith, despair, and fear sound interesting? If so, enjoy with alcohol and/or your confessor of choice. If not, go see the next Die Hard rip-off or whatever.