Reviews: The Garbage Pail Kids Movie

A bad movie, but not the worst ever.

I'm one of the people who saw the Nostalgia Critic review for this movie, and even before that, I knew it was bad because I'd seen a 1-star capsule review of it in the back of the TV Guide back in the 1980s, when it was getting rotation on HBO. However, I like bad movies, so I found this one on Netflix and decided to watch it, just to see how bad the unadorned version is.

The verdict: It's bad. It's not horrible. It's not the world-ending, God-summoning calamity the Critic made it out to be. But it's certainly no Oscar winner, either. It's just a generic bad 1980s kids' action movie, with all the things that entails. They made plenty of bad movies like these in the 1980s; it's just that this was the only one (that I know of) that had badly-made baby costumes in it.

The plot is still just as incomprehensible, the songs are still as banal (and just as irritatingly catchy), and the Kids are just as creepy-looking (and Dodger is still way too young-looking to be in this movie), but seeing it without any commentary? I guess the biggest complaint that I have is that it just goes on too long. This would have been perfect for an hour-long TV special or maybe a direct-to-video promotion, but it's obvious they had to pad this to get it to feature length.

In the end: Yeah, it's pretty bad. But if you like bad movies, it's an interesting (if slightly dull) watch.