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Too Fast or Too Furious?
As a single movie, The Fast and The Furious was a nice little action car chase movie with a simple cops and robbers theme. The simplicity worked in favor of the movie as it was mostly a showcase of cool cars and a lead in to a few cool car chase scenes. The dialogue was not over thought and the actors did a respectable job in their roles. It almost felt like the pilot episode to a series... and pretty much was.

The second movie was as with any good sequel, more over the top, more 'actioney', more... everything. We were introduced to new characters and given some more exposition on the world as a whole from the main character's point of view. Taken as a sequel, one can't be considered wrong in thinking the 'big star' of the first movie just wanted nothing to do with it and that this may have been the beginning of the end for a series about cars. It seemed like the case when the next one came out.

With Tokyo Drift we had no returning characters and a story that was so divergent it might as well have been about aliens and cowbows! (what a concept that could be ~.^) The story was only okay, the action was all about drifting instead of racing, and the whole thing seemed disconnected. That is until you reached the very end!

Which led to the 4th movie. It seemed like someone was beating a dead horse with this one, until you realise there is a decent story evolving here. Not taken from a single movie, but taken as a whole. Combined with the events of the 1st and 2nd movies, the story has a cohesive nature that makes it all come together in a way that seems enjoyable. If not almost feeling preplanned at points.

And then came the 5th and started tying in threads from the others and dropping in new characters while exploring old ones. The events almost make you think it will be the end. Not from a story perspective so much as how over the top and epic the events in the movie are. All together it is almost like an epic miniseries of events. Except Tokyo Drift... which aside from a connection of one single character, there is no real connection. Okay, two characters. Barely.

Then we come to the 6th movie and all the connections are falling into place.

I am not going to continue with revelations of the 6th movie at the end, but I will say this:

Looking at it as a whole, the Fast and Furious series of movies is a wonderful action drama!
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Fast and Furious 6
Fast and Furious 6 continues to prove that taking a new direction in the middle of the series CAN actually work. The heist formula takes the next logical step with the team we all know and love pitted against a team of rival drivers. The bad guys' expertise is summarized as "vehicular warfare" in the film and it definitley shows. The action and thrills are bigger than ever. The particularly entry also takes itself more seriously. The focus on story is evident and as a result, this winds up having the best story of the lot. It also packs more of an emotional punch. This movie made me care about the characters more than any of the previous. If you've followed the films all these years, you'll be able to predict a death or two but that didn't stop me from caring, and there are some things no one will see coming. Character relationships are actually explored more and past events are referenced frequently. Don't get me wrong, this is still a Fast and Furious film. None of this is Oscar quality. But it IS one of the best stories I've seen in a long running-action series, especially when you put all 6 together.

Acting is on par with 5. If you loved the characters in 5, you'll love them here. If you hated them in 5, well, you get the idea. However, I didn't have as much fun as I did with 5, probably because of the added seriousness I mentioned. Overall, though Five is the more fun film, 6 is still an amazing action film. Fans of the series and fans of action films in general won't dissapointed. Go see it.

P.S. Stick around after the ending for a Stinger that not only FINALLY catches up to the events of Tokyo Drift, but also sets up some VERY exciting threads for 7.
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