Reviews: The Fall

So wonderful as they say

The charm of “The Princess Bride”. The eccentricities of “The Adventures of Baron Munchausen”. The cruelty of “Pan´s Labyrinth”. And add to all this, the astonishing visuals from documentaries like “Baraka” and “Powaqqatsi”. Sounds crazy, right? Well, it is crazy, but the good kind of craziness.

“The Fall” is a very special kind of movie: It can be very innocent and lighthearted at times, but it can be dark and intense as well. That is one of it best qualities of this film: The way in which the director manages to combine the innocence with the brutality, (Both in the reality and in the fantasy) in order to give us a fascinating tale, where the tenderness and the joy to live are combined with the blood and the despair.

Unlike the previous film of Tarsem Singh, “The Cell”, the strength of “The Fall” not only lays on the visuals, but in the story and the characters as well. Sure, at first sight those elements seem to be very simplistic and typical, but as the story advances, it gets more and more captivating. The imaginary world could be an escape from harsh reality, but also it could be the place where someone has to challenge one´s personal demons. The death and the sadness quickly invade the fairy tale, changing the course of it. But there is also the hope and the light. And this movie manages to combine very well all this characteristics without using stereotypes or forced situations. And the performance of Cantica Untaru only helps to make this film an unforgettable experience, the kind of film that leaves you with a smile in the face…And probably some tears in your cheeks too.