Reviews: The Dictator

Supremely wrong.

And yet, oh so right. Sacha Baron Cohen is in top form here, even better than in Borat if one can believe that. Much more political than any of his previous work, this one is very zeitgeist-y, deftly combining every single stupid useless dictator of modern times into one ludicrous, over-the-top, hilarious miscreation of a character. Just for such scenes as "You are HIV-Aladeen," the helicopter ride, the Black Comedy moment when Aladeen shoots his competitors in the Wadiyan Games, and the trailers that are just full of laughs that unfortunately never got included in the final film, like "You are much less hairy" and also "I am for free press, and women's rights, and universal health...(starts chortling) I can't say it!" this movie is well worth it to seek out and watch.

Vulgar it may be, but it's exactly the right kind of vulgar.