Reviews: The Day After Tomorrow

Enjoyable hokum

Deeply, deeply, unsettling, even after being told by qualified people that the science is almost total bollocks. It must be the visuals - absolutely enthralling on a small TV, so they must have been spectacular on the big cinema screen.

The early clue to the science being bollocks is the complete failure of research in the scene where the duty geophysicists ignore the bleeping computer because they're watching a footie game. It's utterly plausible that Scottish grads would ignore the computers they're meant to be monitoring 'cos the footie's on TV. But obvious stock footage of a team that isn't Man U playing a team that very visibly is not Glasgow Celtic? They don't even play in the same league, guys! A bit of research might have suggested Scottish grads on an all-nighter might have ignored the computer readings for Celtic-Rangers or Hearts-Hibs - a fixture that means something in Scotland. And sack the researcher - get one who can locate accurate stock footage!

So knowing the researchers weren't up to it, and the producers didn't spot it, you can analyse the rest of the movie. The idea of a global crisis so severe that even the bloody Royals end up deep-frozen at Balmoral was deeply satisfying. Shame about the RAF crews sent out to rescue them. Unless the guy seen being fast-frozen was Prince Harry, of course. Or his Uncle Andrew. Can't help thinking British viewers would have cheered then-Prime Minister Blair and his cronies being converted into ice lollies. (Which might have raised Cherie's core temperature somewhat).

But... minus 150 Farenheit. You can infer that's cold, but how cold exactly? Don't US scientists use Celsius? Farenheit degrees went out nearly a century ago, guys. And certainly not used by British universities (despite this movie). You have to dig to find this is about -100C, only slightly lower than the lowest temp on Earth. Does it do what the movie says it does to unsheltered humans? Yes and no. The truth is stranger and more subtle and perhaps doesn't make for good visuals.

You can go on like this picking apart and questioning the science - questionable at best, dubious and maybe even invented at worst. But the film hits viscerally. The idea and the concept stays with you for a long long time. "Goodbye Britain, it was nice knowing you, you had a bit over 2500 years, and now it's your lot. If the bloody Royals aren't getting out alive, what makes you think you will?".

You can add it to a long list of "Ways In Which Planet Earth Can Get Fucked Over, Even Without Human Intervention". To which the sane response is "If I worried about this I'd go insane, so I won't."

But a beautiful scene and one in the eye for Donald Trump and his bloody wall. Waves of destitute and desperate economic migrants try to cross the USA/Mexico border. The government panics, closes the border and tries to turn people back. Only it's the Mexicans getting tough on immigrants from the north. Wonderful.