Reviews: The Dark Knight Saga

The Dark Knight Saga - A great trilogy, perhaps the ideal progression of a superhero movie.

There are several superhero movies out there, many having sequels. However, some decayed in quality over time such as the original Batman series and Spider-Man. This is a series that managed to stay consistent in quality with the subsequent installments. Thanks to a great crew/cast behind it and one fantastic director (Who is one of my all time favorite writer/directors out there.), this is a superhero franchise that will arguably remain an example of how to do superhero movies right for years to come.

When Batman Begins, came out, there were many skeptical of the idea of rebooting Batman, as the Burton/Schumacher were so ingrained in many people's minds. Christopher Nolan and company managed to do away fears with the first installment in the series. Thanks to the then new exploration of Batman's training and origin in film and a darker and less outlandish approach to the series, they delivered a unique film that, while having its flaws in no small part due to the hard task of having to compete with the older films, was a great experience and very deserving of a sequel.

Then The Dark Knight came along and blew that out of the water. This is the definition of an Even Better Sequel in my opinion. With a very interesting plot drawing from Batman/Joker lore and an intentional decision to avoid writing the Joker like they did with Jack Nicholson, this went on to become one of the best superhero movies and movies in general ever due to its strong writing and performances (Aaron Eckhart and of course the late Heath Ledger in particular.). It also helped it wasn't reliant on connections to Begins, which helped draw in people (Myself included.) and introduce them to Batman.

The Dark Knight Rises, while unfairly overlooked in my opinion, is a rare great thirdquel and managed to do what no superhero franchise have done: finish a series. To be fair, it had a tough act to follow and was overly reliant on the past films to work. Nevertheless, this tearjerker of a movie managed to fairly wrap up the series in spectacular fashion with a rousing climax and a heartbreaking story.

This trilogy managed to be better than most superheroes out there by not strectching it thin, managing to at last be a superhero with a beginning, middle and end. This a great trilogy that is a must for comic and film buffs.