Reviews: The Big Lebowski

...I don't get it.

Warning: This review might involve spoilers.

So I decided to watch The Big Lebowski after hearing so many great things about it, and... I honestly don't know what to think.

As far as I can tell from watching it once, the movie as a whole is just a compilation of seemingly random scenes that loosely tie up into something resembling a plot. There's something about a woman being kidnapped, many people being obsessed with a million dollars that nobody even knows where it is, and lots of the Dude just stumbling around trying to make sense of it.

There are various individual scenes that are funny, but as a whole, the movie feels stitched from pieces of many individual stories, never fully delving into any of them. I honestly don't even know whether to categorize it as good or bad. For the majority of the movie, I was just in a mildly amused state of "What the hell am I watching?".

In the end, the story doesn't seem to go anywhere and the Dude is pretty much in the same spot he was at the beginning. Worse even, considering all the crap he goes through and all the destruction to his property that takes place. The movie ends on a somewhat Bittersweet Ending, which results in the movie being kinda depressing by the last few minutes. Come on, you won't even let the Dude win in the end? Besides, you know, him just being somewhat optimistic for no discernible reason?

The Dude's character is pretty likable though, with his laid-back attitude and all the crap he has to deal with. Now, as for Walter... I'm on the fence with him. At times he's funny, but other times his overblown aggression combined with him being a pure Karma Houdini make him a character that I want to like, but sometimes, he just goes too damn far, man.

Overall, this isn't something that I would watch again, but I wouldn't call it bad. Just not my thing, I guess.

I'd like to know what makes people love it so much... personally, I'm just confused.