Reviews: Starcrash

It's Sooooo Good... at Being Bad

Finally I found a space opera that is a lot like Star Wars... but without any of those pesky flaws like looking good, having a coherent plot, or characters with charisma.

Seriously, this movie has every terrible quality one could hope to find in a bad sci-fi movie—cut rate spaceships that appear to be assembled from a mishmash of children's models (I think one spaceship had TANK TREADS), incoherent dialogue comprised almost entirely of Technobabble that lacks any semblance of human emotion, a complete disregard for physics or any factual detail about outer space, incessant sound effects, Caroline Munro forced to handle radioactive material while wearing little more than a bikini, and of course, stealing prominent elements from bigger, more highly regarded films. Yet it all comes together in some crazy way that makes this the epitome of So Bad Its Good.

I love this movie. I wish it was a girl so I could also have sex with it. Whether you already get a kick out of cheeseball B-Movies movies to begin with or would prefer to watch more "fine films", I guarantee you'll be cracking up the entire time watching this, especially if you can see this with friends.

Star Wars doesn't have anything on Starcrash. It certainly didn't have David Hasselhoff shooting eye-lasers at ape men in it.