Reviews: Star Trek Nemesis

Welfare for Trek actors

Well, it's taken for granted that no one likes Nemesis. Not the actors, not the fans, not the critics, not anybody. Except Brent Spiner. Wonder why.

A big question is "why." A premise can sometimes be weird and still leads to good things. Hitchcock came up with the idea for a chase scene on Mt. Rushmore, and look. Abramsverse can be summed up as "Khan joins Section 31." Heck, I'm describing the entire run of new Doctor Who.

So, why is Shinzon a Picard clone? For one thing, he doesn't look it. Second, it doesn't add anything to the plot or give him insight into how Picard thinks. It just makes me wonder why they didn't make him Picard's bastard son, which would make sense given Picard's ambivalence at having no heirs. In retrospect, if Shinzon were really Picard's long-lost child, it would tie nicely with Generations.

The actors got to implement their personal hobbies into the script. At least in Generations, Shatner brought his own horse.

He didn't request a giant chrome-plated horse with laser cannons.