Reviews: Shock Treatment

Actually Pretty Good On Its Own Terms

To enjoy this movie, you must first accept that while the film is nominally a sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, it bears no resemblance to it and features nothing from it aside from Brad and Janet, the town of Denton, and the Hapschatts. Once you accept this, you'll probably find that it's actually pretty good for what it is. (Despite this, though, one can make a case that the events of the film take place after Rocky Horror. But that's another story.)

The film, in comparison to Rocky Horror, is far more... "normal". Where the first film was an insane, campy tribute to 50s B-movies, this does a complete 180 in terms of what it is - a satire on television, and in that respect it succeeds as a film. In many ways the film is incredibly prescient; in our modern age it seems like the film's idea of a town turned into a TV studio is possible. (Of course, it'd probably be something Internet-related if they made it today.)

It is also more "normal" as a musical. Unlike Rocky Horror, which was mostly sung - especially by the end - this intersperses the musical numbers with a lot more dialogue than was in the first film. And I will mention that there are quite a few musical numbers that stick up with those in Rocky Horror - "Denton, USA," "Bitchin' in the Kitchen," "Thank God I'm a Man," I could go on...

As a sequel to Rocky Horror, Shock Treatment fails miserably. However, as its own thing, it's a genuinely good piece of cinema, and if you actually wish to check it out, do so. You might actually enjoy it.