Reviews: Seven Pounds

A vile, reprehensible film.

This is a movie I couldn't even bear to sit through. It's one of (if not the) most insensitive, insulting, and disrespectful movies I've ever seen. I won't bother summarizing the numerous plot holes, the god-awful acting, or the fact that the movie expects us to sympathize with a sociopath and a criminal. I'll just get to the movie's overall message.

"Suicide can be a good thing."

No. No. NO.

Where do I start with what's wrong with that? It's a slap in the face to everyone who's ever lost someone to suicide, to anyone who's ever recovered from a suicide attempt, to anyone who's ever even contemplated suicide - a group that I am among. It's blatant Oscar Bait, trying to ride on misplaced sympathies. It's sickening and repulsive, and everyone involved with it should be ashamed. If you like this movie, you are wrong to do so.