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Too Much Action, Not Enough Plot
After Vesper's death, Bond gets really pissed off and goes to do bad things to people who were...somehow related by being not at all related?

There are no gadgets in this movie, which is a carnal sin for Bond films. There's barely even an Aston Martin or a watch flash, he doesn't use a PPK, the whole film feels like a Bourne movie reskinned to LOOK like a Bond film. That being said, the action scenes are very good, and Bond shows a very dark element in the end when Greene dies.

All in all, great movie, terrible Bond film. Not that Casino was particularly great.
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Not particularly impressed..
This particular troper only managed to sit through the whole film because he was there with friends, and would have left the cinema after the first Jitter Cam chase scene if there had been nothing else to keep him there. Painkillers were required halfway through the film to counter the Jitter Cam induced headache.

Hoping the third Craig film will be more watchable.

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Bond meets Bourne. It's not that bad.
Little was going to top Casino Royale, that's for sure.

Quantum Of Solace is a fairly good Bond film. Arguably it's gotten too Bourne-like and this could have done with good chase sequences associated with the Brosnan years. The camerawork was dodgy and the idiosyrantic location things got a little annoying after a while.

Some great performances all round and a well-written plot, with some great moments. Olga Kurylenko's Camille, apart from one (justifiable) freeze in the climax, doesn't do weak at all.

Daniel Craig is a great Bond. He does do the one liners, they're just subtle. I look forward to Mr. Craig's third movie, which will probably be better than this one. Wilson and Broccoli know what they're doing.

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